Five Habit of an Unserious Student

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Being a student requires a certain level of dedication and focus to achieve academic success. However, some students may develop habits that hinder their ability to excel in their studies.

Being a student requires a certain level of dedication and focus to achieve academic success. However, some students may develop habits that hinder their ability to excel in their studies. These habits are characterized by a lack of seriousness and commitment towards their academic responsibilities, leading to poor performance and potentially negative consequences. Let’s explore some common habits of an unserious student.

1. Lack of Understanding

There are students who have little knowledge of how the school system works. They don’t know that they ought to listen to the teacher in order to understand; they may not know that the purpose of homework is to give them the opportunity to practice and get to know things better. They also may not know that they are required to have a personal study pattern on a daily basis; they would rather wait until the examination period before attempting to study so much in a rush. Such students just go to school, come back, dump their school bags somewhere and pick it up the next day for school. There is no way such a student can attain academic excellence.

2. Laziness

Lazy students give excuses for their failure to do what they ought to do. They would not muster strength to get up and do the duties that they feel is not enjoyable. They
would postpone study time. They may say they are tired at study time, but if called upon for a game at that same time, they would have strength to play. Lazy students only want to be involved with things that give them pleasure.

3. Cheating

A student who believes that he or she cannot pass an examination by studying and recalling what he or she knows at the examination hall would look for other unholy ways to excel. Such a student who cheats in an examination is defeating the purpose for which the examiner sets up questions, which is mainly to test their ability on the subject. May I ask you; if you got to know that a medical doctor that you are waiting to see did not study in his student days but qualified by cheating in all his examinations in medical school, would you trust such a doctor to treat you if you are ill? Definitely not! So someone who climbs the ladder through cheating is a threat to the society.

4. Pride

There are students who will not seek for help when they need it because they don’t want others to know that they lack knowledge; so they pretend that they have no
problems. They feel that others will look down on them when they reveal that they do not understand what is being taught. If a student is like this, it is the examination result that will reveal his or her true academic state, and by then it will be too late to be corrected. Such a student might have to repeat the class.

5. Misplaced Priorities

A lot of students are careless. They want to outshine their classmates in what is not really important. That is why some students rush to submit their answer scripts in the
examination hall long before the examination is over because they want to create an impression that they are very brilliant by being the first person to get out of examination hall instead of taking time to carefully review the answers and correct mistakes. They seem to forget that there is no prize given to students that are first to submit their scripts and leave the examination hall. For some others, they give more time to games, chatting with their friends or other things than they give to their
studies. Although students should spend some time to play, but it must be controlled so that more time could be given to study.

In conclusion, the habits of an unserious student can have detrimental effects on their academic performance and overall success. Procrastination, lack of organization, poor time management, neglecting responsibilities, and avoiding active engagement in learning are other common habits that characterize an unserious student. Such habits can lead to lower grades, missed deadlines, incomplete assignments, and a general lack of motivation and progress in their educational journey.

It is important for students to recognize and address these habits early on to avoid negative consequences. Developing good study habits, such as setting clear goals, managing time effectively, staying organized, actively participating in class, and taking responsibility for their own learning, can greatly improve a student’s academic performance and success.

Furthermore, seeking help from teachers, mentors, or peers, and taking advantage of available educational resources can also play a crucial role in overcoming habits of an unserious student. By making a commitment to become a more focused, responsible, and engaged learner, students can enhance their chances of achieving their academic and personal goals, and setting themselves up for success in the future. You can also send us a message through the counselling form below. We are here to assist you in overcoming these habits and perform excellently in your studies.

Jadesola Adepeju

Jadesola Adepeju

Jadesola is a Christian missionary, counsellor and writer. She firmly supports her husband in their ministry to young people.

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