Curiosity Killed the Cat

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In 1916, "The Washington Post" featured a story about Blackie, an experienced cat whose curiosity led to a tragic end. Just like Blackie, curiosity can be a dangerous force, leading individuals down paths they never intended to take. It tempts with promises of pleasure, exploration, and new experiences, but often results in addiction, heartache, and destruction.

These were the exact words used as the headline to a story on page 6 of “The Washington Post” newspaper on the 4th of March 1916: “It was a true-life story of “Blackie” – a cat with several years of life experience.”

From the fifth floor of an apartment house in New York at 203 West, 130th street, Blackie jumped into the grate fireplace in a rear room. He had done this many times before but had never climbed up the flue to the chimney. On a Tuesday, Blackie finally accomplished this feat and remained there, perched uncomfortably on the top of the screen separating the apartment flue from the main chimney, crying for assistance. Miss Godfrey, Blackie’s owner, returned and tried to coax her pet to come down. However, Blackie stubbornly stayed there until Wednesday. Rather than coming down, filled with unsatisfied curiosity and the desire to explore further, Blackie attempted to climb higher… and that was the end. Blackie, the experienced cat, fell to the first floor and died!

Who killed the cat?

Did you say curiosity? Very correct! Curiosity is also responsible for trapping monkeys who won’t let go of a banana, killing house rats caught in food-induced traps, and even leading fish to swallow worm-coated hooks. Unfortunately, curiosity doesn’t just kill animals, it also kills humans. It is lurking in your mind, seeking to bring about your demise. We cannot count how many men, guys, and beautiful ladies curiosity has claimed, can we?

“Click it! Open it! View it! Play it! Download it! See it!”

Whenever you are browsing the internet and come across links to sexual content, curiosity screams at your nerves, “Click it! Open it! View it! Play it! Download it! See it!” Something within you hesitates, saying, “But this is dirty and immoral content.” Curiosity quickly replies, “How would you know what is immoral and dirty? By the way, what exactly does dirty and immoral look like? Check it and see what they are actually calling immoral… Click it! View it! Just this once, just to know, and you will never view anything like it again!” Once you give in to the first click, curiosity never stops. It says, “Check the other one, it’s different from this one… and the other one… and the other one…” until, like Blackie, you fall into the depths of pornographic addiction, unable to return to the free state you were in before curiosity ensnared you.

Curiosity is responsible for robbing many young girls of their virginity! Curiosity will use every available force to make it difficult for you to enter into marriage as a virgin. Unfortunately, curiosity has numerous allies and devoted staff in this regard, including home videos, VCDs, X-rated films, pornographic magazines, as well as your own group of friends and neighbors who won’t allow you to be the odd one out. Every time a sex scene appears in a film, curiosity jumps up in your mind and asks, “What exactly gives pleasure in this man and woman experience?” “How does it really feel to do this?” While you are still trying to answer these questions, curiosity reminds you of the number of friends who have already experienced it, providing practical answers to the same questions you are tearing your mind apart to answer. Curiosity reminds you of their wonderful comments about their sexual experiences, overpowering any negative information or warnings you’ve received against such practices. Ultimately, curiosity claims the girl’s virginity!

Curiosity: Force Behind many Actions

From the first smoker to the one who is presently joining the practice, curiosity is the force behind their actions. For everyone who died prematurely due to such habits, curiosity is the one who killed them. From the very first puff, it was futile curiosity all the way. Whether it’s the smoker, the alcoholic, the womanizer, the drug addict, etc., the principle remains the same: curiosity says there is a higher and better level of life or pleasure than where you are, and it pushes, provokes, and inspires you, along with your company and everything else, to leave where you are in pursuit of this new level. Unfortunately, just like a mirage, there is no new level, but the illusion of its existence, always just a little more climb ahead, will leave you searching and striving to attain it for the rest of your life until, like Blackie… you drop down dead! Sadly, the most difficult thing to do is to convince a victim of curiosity that there is no new level and no better pleasure!

Yes, he only watched the pornographic movie once, but soon enough, what he never did becomes something he can no longer live without doing! Oh! The lady only fell into sexual sin once, but the aim of endless curiosity is to rob her of the ability she once had to say “NO!” She only sniffed the cocaine once (and that’s exactly the modest request anyone being lured into drug addiction would hear, “Just taste a little, this one time… nothing more”), but hardly anyone ever stops there. The truth is, it takes a miracle to break free from the clutches of curiosity. As long as you never take the first curious step, you are free. This is the essence of this article!

When a completely naked woman walks by the wayside, people look away, assuming she is insane. But if she were to cover her private parts with a small piece of clothing, revealing a larger portion of her body (not all), several men would struggle to control their sexual appetite around her. The reason is simple: when she was completely naked, there was nothing for the male eye to be curious about, but the small covered part ignites the curiosity of any guy, causing him to imagine, discover, and reveal what lies beneath the covered part. The seductiveness of attire is simply a function of how much curiosity it ignites in onlookers. In fact, it is the appeal to a man’s curiosity that fuels seduction through dressing. Even with 90% exposure, the remaining 10% is enough to set a man’s curiosity ablaze, leaving him searching for answers in his mind. This same curiosity has led to scandals involving Presidents of great nations.

Curiosity leaves and frees only the dead!

Curiosity leaves and frees only the dead! Unfortunately, you can never eliminate curiosity from your mind as long as you are alive. It will accompany you throughout your life. Why? Because curiosity, like a knife that must forever be in the kitchen, is both good and bad, depending on how its host utilizes it! It was curiosity that led me to Christ, helped me understand mathematics, and propelled me to study more until I attained my present qualifications and degrees. Yes, curiosity is good when controlled for good, but it has also killed, is killing, and will continue to kill.

Dear reader, are you curious about engaging in something sinful or evil? Could it be a curiosity to experience sex, fornication, adultery, or to watch a sex scene on the internet for the first or another time? Or perhaps it’s the curiosity to engage in a developing extramarital affair? Hear the voice of the Lord, there is nothing in the deceit! Examine the hidden agenda you are pursuing behind your current desires. Could it be that the same curiosity that killed Blackie the cat is already beckoning to you as well? Is there a curiosity for some evil or sin that has captured your heart, leading you on a path of destruction? What are you presently curious about, or what is currently activating your curiosity? A careful examination could be your saving grace offered by this article.

You are free, undeceived, strong, bold, complete, unenslaved, and unhooked as long as you can look away from the worm-coated hook that appeals to your extreme appetite. Do you want to break free from sexual addiction and manipulation? Do you want to preserve your thoughts as intact and incorruptible? Then don’t take the first curious look into the trap. Don’t take the first curious step unadvisedly. Don’t give in to the first curious taste of evil, and it shall be well with you.

Segun Coker

Segun Coker

Segun Coker is the visioner of the Virtue Blazers Club (VBC) and the School of Virtue (SOV). He is extremely passionate about the youth. A gifted writer, leader, and teacher, especially in the communication of Bible based truth; he is a voice for virtuous living in every sense of the word. An information technology professional by training, he combines this with itinerant ministry as a speaker in conferences and seminars far and near. He is married to Solape and blessed with three children.

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