10 Vital Guideposts to Attain a Higher Level of Life

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When your nature changes, your thoughts will change and a change of thoughts will bring about change of altitude. You are designed to operate on a higher echelon.

Your thoughts affect your actions, and you are limited by the level of your thoughts.  On the other hand, the nature of your being determine the level of thoughts you are capable of having. When your nature changes, your thoughts will change and a change of thoughts will bring about change of altitude. You are designed to operate on a higher echelon.

Here are ten vital guideposts to attain the level of higher thoughts:


Life goes on in unique subliminal ’layers’ and ’frequencies’ that interact and burst upon one another in sparks of conflict or in blooms of positive impacts. An enterprising young man standing in front of a vacant shop with a big sign “shop to let” on it would watch the crowd of sweating and tired pedestrians walking past in the hot sun, see a business opportunity and imagine them walk into his snack shop to have a snack and take a refreshing drink as they give him their money. His eyes have seen a layer of the world around him that was invisible to others. A skilled pickpocket standing at that same location would see something else; as the crowd of closely packed pedestrians bump into one another in tired gait and motion, he would probably notice the positions of people’s pockets and study how to identify promising pockets as well as watch the best moment to ’strike’. His eyes have seen a layer of the world around him that is invisible to others. Indeed we see with our minds and not just with our eyes. If you change roles several times, you will discover that different layers of quiet ’worlds’ are actually passing by at that spot just below the obvious. These worlds of thought are in layers because on that same busy street, lower animals like dogs and roaming chicken also think their own thoughts, see their own opportunities and take action. 


Thoughts are in layers and the level of your being (whether human or a lower being) and the level of your training affects the level of thought you are capable of thinking. It also determines the scope of influence you are capable of having because your thoughts determine your actions. For example, the level of mathematical thoughts that you could have in primary school could help do a few things in the society; like calculating how much change you would collect if you make purchases. However, there is a higher level of mathematical thought that goes into the production of cars, bridges, tall buildings, airplanes, satellites and ships that travel into outer space. Unless you attain this level of thinking, you cannot comprehend the specialised knowledge involved in that level of engineering. This is because thoughts are in levels.


The thoughts of God are above all levels; they are the highest. He cannot do serious business with you unless you attain unto His thoughts. When God expresses His deep thoughts, it will sound unintelligible to you unless you attain unto His thoughts.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 5:8

If you do not attain to the thoughts that can comprehend God’s thoughts you cannot discover the purpose for your existence because your future and the purpose of your existence are hidden in God’s thoughts for you.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11


If you are unable to comprehend God’s thoughts, you won’t be able to discover your real future; you will arrive at another future that was not in the plan. On a particular day, I was supervising the construction of a building and there was a termitarium right in the middle of the building site. In my imagination, I entered the termitarium and saw the beautiful social order that works. Every rank of termites works very hard to build their kingdom within that termitarium and maintain it. However, because the building structure of these lower beings conflict with my strategic agenda, I had to order for its demolition. The termites had laboured in vain.

Unless the LORD builds the house, they labour in vain who build it.

Psalm 127:1

There is a divine agenda for your life. God created you for His own purpose and He wants to communicate that purpose to you (Ephesians 2:10 NLT). If you launch into life according to your own ideas without knowing the purpose for which God created you, you will do things that are irrelevant to your life appointment and your entire life will be a waste.


You need God because he is in control of all things and he is running a sovereign agenda.  Although you may be sure of your ideas at your level of thought and declare that you know what you are doing, do you think you can rely on it? We often observe the poor decisions of lower animals clearly (like a lizard relaxing on a busy road) because we are higher beings than the animals, our thoughts are higher than theirs and we know that they do not know what they are doing because their thoughts are lower. In like manner, God knows your limitation. He sees the poor choices you have made and He knows that you do not know many things. You are also a human being and you need God.


The first man created by God had God’s kind of thoughts because he was in constant interaction and obedience to God. He had the same appetite with God, loving what God loves only because God made man as the same order of being (nature) as Himself. When God wanted to make the first man, He revealed the quintessence of what (or rather, who) He was about to make when God said;

“Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves.

Genesis 1:26. NLT

However, that first man took a wrong decision by obeying a lower being than God; Satan. Satan has a nature of sin (rebellion to God). By obeying this evil being and disobeying God, the first man became Satan’s slave and became infected with the spiritual sickness and madness called sin. Man’s nature became warped, his behaviour became strange and he lost the divine seed of royalty and the vital life link he had with God. From then on all his offspring (every human conceived through an earthly father) were infected with this nature of sin through genetic inheritance; man became lost in the darkness of strange appetites that are not found in God and man’s thought level dropped from the heavenly to the earthly because he lost the eternal unique life and nature of God.


You can only understand when God is communicating with you if you are of the same species as He is; this comes by a spiritual re-birth. The re-birth that would transform your nature into God’s nature and your thoughts into His thoughts. 

Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives new life from heaven.

John 3:6. NLT

In order to have this re-birth, you must first agree with God’s diagnoses and acknowledge the fact that you are born in the flesh and you are full of sin. Sin is a nature we were born with. Just like a body that is infected with disease will experience physical death if the infection is not removed, a soul that is infected with sin will ultimately experience spiritual death which is eternal separation from God. It is sin that cuts us off from God and disables us from thinking His thoughts or act in ways that will be pleasing to Him.


Secondly, you need to accept God’s solution for sin. In order to save us from sin, God sent Jesus Christ to the earth to make His thoughts known to mankind. God brought his thoughts down to our level so that we can see and understand his love for us through the words that Jesus Christ spoke and the life that he lived. And finally, Jesus Christ died and was buried to pay for our sin and God raised Him from the dead on the third day. Since the wages of Sin is death, the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead confirmed that the debt for sin has been fully paid by Him. Thirdly, if you agree that you need this gift of God and you accept it, the power of the nature of God will enter into you quietly; replace the heart of sin in you with a new heart that has a thought level that is able to understand what God has said and what He is saying about you. You can receive this gift by talking to God and letting Him know that you are ready to belong to Him.


Finally, tell God your decision to accept the help He has offered to you through Jesus Christ whom He sent to die for your sins. Tell him you want the gift of eternal life; ask Him to save you from eternal damnation and make you His own. You can pray this suggested prayer now. Read the prayer written below; then repeat it piece by piece and mean every word you say to God.

Almighty God, I thank you for creating me for your own purpose and for giving me a part in your eternal agenda. I am very sorry that I have lived my life according to my own low ideas and appetites. I have sinned against you and lived as if I own myself. Almighty God, I thank you for sending your thoughts down to our level in the person of Jesus Christ so that if I believe in Him, I will have your nature and endless life and the power to understand your thoughts and do them. Almighty God, I believe that you sent Jesus Christ to save me by shedding his blood which is the penalty for my sins. I believe that He rose again from the dead and is alive today to justify me. Jesus Christ, please come into my heart and make it new, save my soul and fill me with the love of God.


The implication of what you have done is that you are making a commitment to belong to God and to do what He wants. That is, you believe that His plans are better than yours because He is the highest being that sees the broader picture/future. And to cap it up, He loves you. It means that when your desire clashes with His plans, you will drop your desires for His own. In order to achieve this, you need to study the Bible which is the written word of God. The Bible is the collection of God’s dealings with human. As you study it, you will understand the mind of God and what He expects of you. It is also important that you communicate with God by expressing yourself to Him in prayers. Prayer is an uncomplicated conversation with God. Frequent conversation with God is a habit that marks out real men. God is a real Being that will respond to you when you call on Him sincerely. This kind of relationship gives you an advantage in life because it will link you to divine assistance unlike the ordinary man that is left to the outcome of what he can achieve himself and what circumstances leave as options for him.

Deji Adepeju

Deji Adepeju

Deji is a practising architect and lecturer. He is a passionate follower of Christ and a balanced counsellor who has a passion for youths. Every time spent with him exudes deep thoughts and insights to living. He has a granary of wisdom very relevant to this generation gained from finely brewed encounters he has passed through in life himself

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