Infatuation – Is it Worth it?

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This teenager lives in my neighbourhood. I had planned to invite her for a chat one of these days, so I could warn her to beware of infatuation.

“Oh no! Not again!” I lamented as the call ended.

My husband informed me that he received news about a teenager being pregnant. Her mother approached him to report the situation. Surprisingly, this is the second instance of such news reaching my ears within a week.

I surely saw it coming. I noticed the change in her dressing from being modest to being explicit, the change in swag, the catwalks, the excited rosy look on her face, like the look of a girl who has just fallen in love.

This teenager lives in my neighbourhood. I had planned to invite her for a chat one of these days, so I could warn her to beware of infatuation. But alas, I never got round scheduling an appointment with her before getting this devastating news. I still anticipate my conversation with her, but can a mended vessel be exactly as an unbroken one? I can only imagine the shame, embarrassment and interruption in her academic pursuit that is bound to follow this. I wish to ask her a simple question, “Was it worth it?”

Indeed, it might be fun to have a boy who gives you treats and makes you feel special, as your head spins when you see him. However, choosing to follow your emotions rather than the word of God always ends in disaster, sooner or later.

I have decided to pen down these words of advice, hoping that this will save another girl who is already toeing a similar path as these teenagers.

Here are some cautions:

  • Don’t follow the spin-off emotions;
  • Don’t follow the speed of your heartbeat as he comes along;
  • Don’t be carried away by his sonorous voice or the romantic music being played around;
  • Don’t be tempted to forget every moral just because he is around;
  • Don’t be carried away by the cheers of your friend.

Remember all these will fade away when the repercussions come.

Remember the Bible says your sin will find you out (Numbers 32:23). Therefore,

  • Choose to be reasonable;
  • Choose to do things that you will not be ashamed of when brought into public view;
  • Choose to be contented with what you have;
  • Choose to obey the word of God which says you should flee from youthful lust;
  • Choose to invest in worthwhile ventures;
  • Choose to believe that God loves you and you don’t need the love of a boy to prove that you’re special
  • Choose to stay poised and walk straight with confidence because the Bible says the righteous are as bold as a lion;
  • Purity is beautiful.

Choose wisdom; shun folly. Maintain excellence.

Jadesola Adepeju

Jadesola Adepeju

Jadesola is a Christian missionary, counsellor and writer. She firmly supports her husband in their ministry to young people.

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