Author name: Segun Coker

Segun Coker is the visioner of the Virtue Blazers Club (VBC) and the School of Virtue (SOV). He is extremely passionate about the youth. A gifted writer, leader, and teacher, especially in the communication of Bible based truth; he is a voice for virtuous living in every sense of the word. An information technology professional by training, he combines this with itinerant ministry as a speaker in conferences and seminars far and near. He is married to Solape and blessed with three children.

Don’t Break that Gate: A Call for Sexual Purity

Before God, the deflowering of a lady is not a casual act of fun. It is a serious covenant struck and confirmed by the blood shed on that day. This is God’s way of saying, “Whoever plunges in to this woman shall only be able to do so by making a blood covenant to be joined to her for the rest of his life, from that point onward. Little wonder why sexual intercourse was designed by God to take place only and only after the marriage contract is sealed.

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