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Teenage Turmoil: The Search for Love and Acceptance

So, what should you do if you don’t seem to get the love and appreciation you desire? Should you respond in anger by doing things that make your parents get more annoyed? Should you just cow in and accept the situation and live as an unhappy teenager?

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Five Keys to Friendship Appraisal

The influence of your friends is significant, prompting the need for a wise person to regularly assess the impact of their friendships. Continuous evaluation of your associations is essential.

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Five Things a Boy Must Know about Sex

It is important for you to know that sex was created by God and it is designed for two individuals that are legally married to each another. Sexual intercourse is not just an activity like eating; it is both a physical union as well as a spiritual union.

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7 Principles of Academic Excellence

A principle is a laid down rule that will consistently give you expected results if you follow it correctly. Here are seven principles that will guide you to academic excellence.

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7 Lessons from an Amazing Girl

In the bible, there was a particular young girl who displayed excellence of character and emotional maturity. She was a young girl who became a queen in a strange land. Her journey in life was not a smooth one, but when we take a closer look, we would see the traits that paved way for her becoming what she eventually became.

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"God has a plan and purpose for your life, no matter your age. Embrace the season of youth with passion, joy, and a heart that seeks after Him." - Max Lucado

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